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  • Thank you for your interest in our holiday Bike Camp Programs. We will contact you shortly to confirm the booking & payment details.
  • Child & Contact Details

  • Bike Requirements

  • If you require a hire bike, please provide child's height for sizing
  • Medical & Consent

  • Please provide details of any Medical conditions including anxiety or other challenges which may impact participation in the group environment. Please also provide details of any Food allergies we should be aware of for catering (home-made muffins, cut fruit & jelly snakes). If you prefer please call us to discuss in confidence, the more information we have the smoother the sessions are likely to flow. If none, please answer N/A
    I consent to the child/student participation in the Mountain Biking Camp. I understand that the outdoor nature of the program will involve risks. The Bike On staff undertake to use the utmost care in ensuring each participant has a safe environment to meet personal challenge. I understand that appropriate information will be provided to participants before they participate in the activity. I consent for the instructor-in-charge to obtain appropriate medical attention in the event of accident or illness and I undertake to pay for any such treatment or medical advice. I understand that I will be informed at the earliest reasonable opportunity. I give consent for identifiable photos to be taken during the activity for marketing and promotional purposes: